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Samuel Hayden
 Real Name Samuel "Avery" Hayden
 Current Alias
 Aliases Dr. Hayden
 Editorial Names
 Relatives Unnamed Wife, Tony Stark (Son)
 Affiliation Institute of Technology
 Base of Operation
 Identity Public
 Citizenship Austrlian
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Chief of Staff of IoT
 Gender Male
 Height 6'5"
 Eye Color
 Hair Color Brown
 Unusual Features
 Origin Cybernetically-Engineered human
 Universe Earth-616
 Place of Birth
First Appearance


Early Life


Samuel is shown to be gentle to both Humans and Robots alike. He is caring to all, and would take care of everyone who is injured. Due to his Cybernetics, most robots see Samuel as one-of-a-kind, which could bridge in the gap between humans and robots. Epsilon greatly admires Samuel for his dedication to finding peace between humans and robots.


Powers & Abilities


Cybernetically Augmented Physiology: With intensive research, and biological theorems. Samuel created the SPARTAN Program, which with the use of ccybernetics, augments the physical conditions of a man to peak human. Highly experimental, and only Samuel Hayden has these cybernetic.

  • Peak Human Strength: Samuel Hayden is capable of lighting weight several times his own body weight, which is up to 800-1000 lbs level (about 360 - 500fk). Due to this, he can accomplish physical feats requiring many people, and even greatly surpassing any Olympic feat of strength.


  • Super-Genius Intellect: One of the most notable of his ability is his unrivaled intelligence, able to make mechanical inventions, and even robots with nigh-human artificial intelligence.
    • Concept Understanding: Samuel's is able to understand many aspects of concepts with ease.
    • Accelerated Thought Process: Samuel can process information at speeds greater then a human could achieve.
    • Accelerated Probability: Samuel is able to predicts outcomes of and what choices one could make.
    • Details Intuition: Samuel can notice, process and understand details of almost any situation no matter how small.
    • Parallel Processing: Samuel is able to carry out multiple thought process at once. Making him stay ahead of enemies by 4 steps.
    • Omnilingualism: Samuel has studied every known language in the Multiverse, has been able to speak them as if it was his first language.
  • Expert Engineer & Inventor: Samuel is able to be sophisticated inventions, and mechanical devices. His most advance creations is the Aelian Power Armor and the Danebots.
  • Master Tactician: Samuel has been shown to been able to come with very complex strategies and ideas, and also able to exploit them into strategic games like chess
  • Psionic Mastery: Samuel has immense skill over the kinetic abilities. He is able to even wield all of his abilities at once, making great combined kinetic attacks.
  • Pisonic: The Pionic Cybernetics is a series of bio and mechanical procedures of the brain that allows one have possess one or more pisonic abilities (mental poers such as Tekepathy). Only a few possess this cybernetic due to it being in the experimental stage.





  • Space Elevator: The Space Elevator is an project of alternated form of transportation into the space. It's a large, long tower extending pass the geostationary orbit which will hold a counterweight at the top and would be anchored at the equator.
  • Hyper-Drive: The hyperdrive is a planned technological project that uses the Hyperdrive Theory. The Drive will allow starships to enter Hyperspace, a dimensional plane only accessible by going faster-then-light.