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Samuel Hayden
Game Astro Boy (Non-Canon)
Astro Boy: The Hyper-Dimension
Novel Samuel & the 12 Guardians (Non-Canon)
Manga Astro Boy: Institute of Technology (First Appearance)
Astro Boy: Omnic Crisis
Astro Boy
Astro Boy: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Anime Astro Boy: Institute of Technology
Astro Boy
Astro Boy: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Astro Boy: The Hyper-Dimension
Movie Astro Boy: The Time War
Astro Boy: The Infinity War (Final Appearance)
Titles God of Robotics
Aliases The Robotic Doctor
Personal Information
Race Human
Status Active (Cyro-genetically frozen)
Birthdate July 6th, 2020
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Blood Type AB
Affiliations & Groups
Hometown Nelson Bay
Home Country Australia
Group Affiliation Institute of Technology
Occupation Chief of Staff
Partner Arthur Pendragon
Previous Partner Epsilon
The Operator
The Doctor
Skills, Abilities & Equipment
Skills Master Engineer
Master Tactician
Weapon Mastery
Master Hand-to Hand Combatant
Vehicle Mastery
Kinetic Mastery
Abilities Super-Genius Intellect
Concept Understanding
Accelerated Thought Process
Accelerated Probability
Details Intuition
Parallel Processing
Equipment Staff of Light
Kinetic Cybernetics
Image Gallery

Samuel Hayden is the Chief of Staff of the Institute of Technology in Austrlia. Samuel is the one who built the Advance Robots, Epsilon and Delta (Earth-616). He is also a close friend to Packadermus J. Elefun, and to almost all robots, Samuel is seen as the God of Robotics (ロボットの神, Robotto no kami, English Dub: Robotics God). Samuel is one of the few candidates that survived the Kinetic Cybernetic procedures, making him able to manipulate 6 different elements.

However, during the Battle of Avalon, Samuel was badly wounded by Omega, and was taken into critical surgery on the Spirit of Fire. When Astro was finally able to defeat Omega (Astro being forced to completely destroy Omega). Howeverm due to the intense damage taken, he was forced into Cyro-Stasis until he is able to recover.


Samuel is shown to be gentle to both Humans and Robots alike. He is caring to all, and would take care of everyone who is injured. Due to his Cybernetics, most robots see Samuel as one-of-a-kind, which could bridge in the gap between humans and robots. Epsilon greatly admires Samuel for his dedication to finding peace between humans and robots.



Early Life


Samuel's most notably ability is his great intelligence. It is said that Samuel actually surpasses Dr. Tenma in almost every aspect of the human mind, and is the only one to crack the code of Advance Robotics, with the exception to professor Packadermus J. Elefun.

  • Super-Genius Intellect: One of the most notable of his ability is his unrivaled intelligence, able to make mechanical inventions, and even robots with nigh-human artificial intelligence.
    • Concept Understanding: Samuel's is able to understand many aspects of concepts with ease.
    • Accelerated Thought Process: Samuel can process information at speeds greater then a human could achieve.
    • Accelerated Probability: Samuel is able to predicts outcomes of and what choices one could make.
    • Details Intuition: Samuel can notice, process and understand details of almost any situation no matter how small.
    • Parallel Processing: Samuel is able to carry out multiple thought process at once. Making him stay ahead of enemies by 4 steps.
    • Omnilingualism: Samuel has studied every known language in the Multiverse, has been able to speak them as if it was his first language.
  • Expert Engineer & Inventor: Samuel is able to be sophisticated inventions, and mechanical devices. His most advance creations is the Aelian Power Armor and the Danebots.
  • Master Tactician: Samuel has been shown to been able to come with very complex strategies and ideas, and also able to exploit them into strategic games like chess
  • Kinetic Mastery: Samuel has immense skill over the kinetic abilities. He is able to even wield all of his abilities at once, making great combined kinetic attacks.
  • Kinetic Cybernetics: The Kinetic Cybernetics is a series of bio and mechanical procedures of the brain that allows one have a control over a element or mineral. Samuel is the first subject to be used on, and was successful. Samuel is able to manipulate 6 different elements.
    • Pyrokinetic: Samuel is an powerful fire-kinetic user, able to make fire be just as hot as the sun.
    • Hydrokinetic
    • Terrakinetic
    • Electokinetic: Samuel is able to form powerful electrical rays, and is easily able to produce the same joules as lightning (1,000,000,000 gigajoules).
    • Erebokinetic
    • Phorokinetic





  • Space Elevator: The Space Elevator is an project of alternated form of transportation into the space. It's a large, long tower extending pass the geostationary orbit which will hold a counterweight at the top and would be anchored at the equator.
  • Hyper-Drive:


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