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Game Astro Boy: The Hyper-Dimension
Anime Astro Boy: The Hyper-Dimension
Capital(s) Celestia
Asgard (Alfheim)
Saudharmakalpa (Gamindustri)
Arcadia (Eden)
Ouranos (Gaia
Form of Government Monarchy set-up
Ruler(s) Loki, Freya, Frigga (Asgard)
Hestia, Noire, Aphrodite (Gamindustri)
Neptune, Plutia, Uzume (Eden)
Athena, Artemis, Apollo (Gaia)
Military Unknown
Currency Temptims
Provinces Asgard
Image Gallery

The Hyper-Dimension or also known as Earth-0000 is an reality within the Multiverse. The dimension is ruled by beings called Goddesses who controls their each Hyper-Regions in the Hyper-Dimension.

The Hyper-Dimension is unique has it's not a planet, but is generated by the Hyper-Core which makes the sky, and the land masses of the dimension. It is said that the Goddesses is directly linked to the Hyper-Core, and can draw its power for their use for either personal desires, or protection of the Hyper-Dimension and its citizens.

The Hyper-Dimension is the main setting for the video game, Astro Boy: The Hyper-Dimension and its anime adaptation.

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